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3pH® Protection Wash System

3pH® Protection Wash System


The innovative 3pH® combined system by #Labocosmetica® was designed to assist detailers and car wash owners in a pivotal stage of car care – the washing process. This system proves invaluable whether the vehicle is already protected or not, making it an indispensable tool for achieving optimal results in automotive maintenance.

  • The 3ph® combined system by #Labocosmetica® was designed to help detailers and car wash owners during one of the key steps in car care, whether the car is protected or not, namely washing.


    When washing a car, thorough cleaning is essential. However, in order to remove the dirt and contaminants that have built up on the bodywork, it is often necessary to use a product with a specific pH.


    By using the 3pH combined car wash cycle of #Labocosmetica® we will obtain the following advantages:


    • An Alkaline pH will remove all residues of organic origin, such as road dirt, oil, gnats and organic residues;


    • A Neutral pH will remove static dirt during the mechanical action;


    • An Acid pH will remove all residues of inorganic origin, such as limescale, water marks and acid rain residues;


    The 3pH® combined car wash cycle of #Labocosmetica® acts on all types of dirt and contaminants, decontaminating car paint and removing all mineral salts, road dirt, limestone, acid rain residues and chemical contaminants that are not always visible to the human eye, which make the colour fade and lower the performance of the protection previously applied on the car.


    The3pH® combined cycle by #Labocosmetica® uses an innovative method based on the pH of each of our products to remove dirt and contaminants in a targeted and effective way, but without corroding the previously applied protective products. They are also safe to use, since they are certified to ensure safe use even on delicate paints and surfaces.

  • A maintenance wash is a key step when it comes to maintaining a protective product such as wax, sealant or active nanoceramic.


    Thanks to the different pH of the products used, the 3ph® combined car wash cycle of #Labocosmetica® frees the protective material on the vehicle from dirt and contamination, in fact, each pH, acts on different dirt and contamination.


    How to proceed with the 3ph® combined car wash cycle of #Labocosmetica®? Let’s see it together:


    STEP 1:


    Start the wash by using Primus in PreWash mode, with a different dilution depending on the season: diluted 1:30in winter when there is more dirt, and diluted 1:50 in summer when there is less dirt. It can be used diluted 1:5 or 1:10as a pre-treatment in areas where more dirt accumulates, such as the lower part of the doors, the back of the lower boot, or to remove gnat marks from the front


    STEP 2:


    After the prewash, apply the PURÌFICA decontaminant shampoo diluted 1:60 as a foam, starting from the bottom upwards. PURÌFICA can also be used diluted 1:10 as a pre-treatment for the areas most exposed to the buildup of minerals (for example salt and water residues, as is often the case in the winter season) such as the lower part of the doors and the back of the lower boot.


    When a protective 3pH wash is needed, PURÌFICA can be used as a shampoo diluted 1:60 in a bucket.


    In fact, PURÌFICA will remove limestone residues and rejuvenate the wax or sealant coating, solving the root problem, effectively yet gently dissolving and sequestering the calcium, mineral deposits, and residues of contamination from acid rain.


    STEP 3:



    Let’s move on to the mechanical action, which is to be performed using the SÈMPER shampoo. SÈMPER does not contain waxes or brightness enhancers. Its super lubricated formula allows it to apply smoothly during the washing phase, without leaving any streaks, and it can also be used on windows. Its lather has been developed to dissolve the dirt on the car’s surface, encapsulate it and keep it in suspension, removing it safely yet gently.


    SÈMPER can be used diluted 1:1000; its neutral pH will not alter the decontaminating action carried out by PURÌFICA applied previously, providing a double mechanical and chemical decontaminating action.




    STEP 3:



    To end the 3pH protection cycle, use REVÌTAX, the sealant shampoo that can be applied in multiple ways depending on surfaces and the season.


    It is the next generation of neutral “Wash&Coat” shampoo, to wash, seal, protect and extend the life of the previously applied coating. On untreated cars, it ensures gloss and protection, equal to nano sealants, of at least 3 months.


    You can use it diluted 1:100dispensed as a foam and then applied with a glove or sponge, with a Nebula pressure pump and then applied with a glove or sponge, or in a bucket as an ordinary shampoo. To spread it after applying it as a foam, with a Nebula pump or bucket, we recommend that you use a soft sponge for instant adhesion. In summer, instead, when the heat makes it adhere more quickly, use a microfibre glove so that you can spread it in complete safety.

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