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3pH® Rinseless Wash System

3pH® Rinseless Wash System


Using Preludio Alkaline and Acidic in combination with Idrosave, an innovative washing system is created that exploits the power of the combined pH to deal with any type of dirt, ensuring optimal treatment for every cleaning need. 

  • We were the first in the world to patent the 3pH solution in the traditional detailing world, and we are once again the first in the world to bring the 3pH solution to the waterless and rinseless world!


    We succeeded thanks to Preludio Acidic and Preludio Alkaline: the pretreatments that combine with Idrosave’s neutral pH.


    -its EFFECTIVENESS: Preludio Acidic dissolves inorganic mineral residues and Preludio Alkaline dissolves organic dirt, preparing the surface for waterless washing.


    -its SAFETY: The emollient formula penetrates dirt by lifting it from the surface, reducing the risk of swirl and making waterless and rinseless washing safer.


    -its COMPLETENESS: used before waterless/rinseless washing with IDROSAVE they remove all kinds of dirt, both organic and inorganic, for deep and complete cleaning.


    -its EXCELLENCE: both pretreatments have VDA certification that ensures maximum quality and safety on surfaces.


    Why was Preludio created?


    Because nowadays there are only neutral products on the market that can only soften dirt but not dissolve it. Preludio Alkaline was born from the need to dissolve the most stubborn organic dirt that neutral products cannot effectively treat. Preludio Acidic, on the other hand, tackles inorganic dirt of mineral origin, such as limestone residues, which requires a specific acidic pH for effective removal.


    Preludio Alkaline and Preludio Acidic, represent the cutting edge in detailing sector created specifically for waterless car washing, suitable for both waterless and rinseless techniques.


    VDA certification ensures that both products meet strict quality and safety standards, ensuring safe use on all treated vehicle surfaces.


    Preludio Alkaline and Acidic share a mission to prepare the surface for washing without water (Waterless) or with minimal water (Rinseless). Their emollient formula penetrates dirt, gently lifting it from the surface and reducing the risk of swirls, making the use of abrasive cloths unnecessary and the washing process safer.


    Preludio Alkaline is perfect for removing organic dirt while preserving paint quality. Acidic restores brilliance, removing grayness caused by mineral contamination, renewing the performance of nanotechnological coatings and sealants.

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