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BLINDO PLUS + HPC - Ceramic Coating Kit

BLINDO PLUS + HPC - Ceramic Coating Kit



  • Blindo Plus is a new coating concept: it creates an ultra-fine, transparent layer that increases the hydrophobic properties of the surface and is more resistant to the adhesion of salt deposits (limestone) and to the action of corrosive agents (rain, salts, detergents, etc.). It also has greater chemical stability for improved durability over time.


    Its innovative formula based on a complex resin with high molecular weight, featuring a siloxane “core” with a polyhedral 3D “cage” structure ensures effective stratification, improved cross-linking rigidity, thermal resistance and high protection and resistance to abrasion, which is superior to that of traditional physical inorganic coatings. Thanks to its complex molecular structure, once it is in contact with the bodywork, it bonds quickly with the surface (Nano-Link) that, combined with the new SFC self-fast-curing technology, offers a closing time of just 70 minutes: no more waiting several hours for the coating to be ready!


    In addition, thanks to its ultra-fast polymerisation, it can also be applied in environments with a low working temperature, thereby avoiding the use of UV lamps.


    Its innovative formula allows stratification and thanks to the application of 2 layers of Blindo Plus, the easy repair technology is activated. Like a normal clear coat, it can be polished, re-applied or stratified with our HPC overcoat, with no need for sanding, so that repairs can be carried out even after one year or after 15000 km. Blindo protects the paint and leaves a glossy glass-like finish similar to that of sweets.


    Blindo Plus is our Premium Base Coat that is used to stratify the next layers until an extremely hard surface is achieved. The next layers can be applied ONE HOUR after the first application thereby saving a great amount of time


    Blindo Plus ensures very high performance and a duration of at least 30,000 km without maintenance and is compatible with the entire #Labocosmetica coating line.


    Safety: it is PFAS free and complies with the content of volatile organic components (VOCs) according to Directive 2004/42/EC and the method of analysis in accordance with UNI EN ISO 11890-1:2008.

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