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Bugs and grimes remover. Power gel formula.


  • Insect Remover by Maniac Line is the optimal solution to one of the most common problems for motorists: stains caused by insects! In fact, the enzymes and proteins in insect remains can attack car surfaces and, if not removed in time, can cause persistent stains that require polishing of the car.


    With its innovative gel formulation, Insect Remover from Maniac Line is specially developed to dissolve and eliminate insects, making their removal easier and safer. Its gel formula allows for slow drying and extended contact time on the surface of insects, making it easier to dissolve them. It is designed to be safe on a wide range of surfaces, including auto body, plastic, glass, mirrors, chrome, aluminum and more! This product can quickly dissolve dry insect residue, leaving the surface clean. Unlike other similar products, Maniac Line's Insect Remover can be safely used on any type of sealant or coating, ensuring complete protection of your vehicle. Simply apply it to the surface and then rinse it off. In addition, during a more intensive cleaning process, it proves to be an exceptional help in removing old and heavily accumulated dirt, working with a sponge or brush.

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