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2pH® Fabric Cleaning System

2pH® Fabric Cleaning System


The groundbreaking 2pH® combined system by #Labocosmetica has been meticulously engineered to effectively address issues related to dirt and contamination inside the vehicle. This innovative solution sets a new standard for tackling interior cleanliness challenges, ensuring a thorough and efficient resolution.

  • ► Eliminates the dirt that an APC alone cannot remove

    ► Luminol effect: it highlights the stains that cannot be seen at naked eye

    ► Eliminates surfactants residues and halos deriving from alkaline products use

    ► Eliminates stains and halos from seats deriving from the rain

    ► Eliminates inorganic, mineral and dust residues and mixed dirt stains

    ► Faster drying of fabrics

    ► Halved working times

    ► Fluffy effect: renews the color and the softness of the fabric

  • STEP 1:

    Brush the fabric or carpet surface with Labocosmetica's "Fabric Seat Brush" or "Floor Carpet Brush," using the special "wrist twist" technique. Simultaneously, vacuum the released dust for an effective cleaning process. 


    STEP 2:

    Dilute GLICO at a ratio of 1:5, then evenly spray it onto the intended surface. Employ a gentle brushing motion across the entire treated area. Allow the solution to work its magic for 2-3 minutes, ensuring optimal effectiveness.


    STEP 3:

    Dry vacuum the treated surface.


    STEP 4:

    Without rinsing, next spray DUCTILE in a 1:10 dilution, and gently  brush the surface.


    STEP 5:

    Complete the process by rinsing with a traditional injection-extraction machine or steam cleaner or a damp cloth.

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