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AUDACE - Supreme cut compound

AUDACE - Supreme cut compound


Water-based compound with high cutting capacity at low speed

  • ► Deep, accurate and reliable cut.

    ► Reduces working time by up to 50%.

    ► Ideal for extra-hard or ceramic paintwork.

    ► Medium polish refinish.

    ► No residue or dirt on trims.

    ► Highly versatile product suitable for different surfaces depending on the type of pad used.

    ► ODOURLESS and low VOC content.

    #AUDACE is a highly effective water-based cutting compound that offers excellent results even at low speeds.

    Thanks to the use of new innovative abrasives, it is now possible to achieve cutting results with a random orbital sander that rival the performance of a rotary sander, guaranteeing shorter working times. #AUDACE can reduce working times by up to 50% compared to traditional compounds. 


    This versatile compound is a top choice among detailers thanks to its capacity to solve the most challenging problems, saving both time and money. This is thanks to the use of the innovative “Cold Cut Technology” which is able to eliminate defects at low speeds (1200 rpm with rotary sander or speed 4.5 with an orbital sander), reducing the risk of holograms, shortening working times, offering greater ease of use and using less product. 


    #AUDACE is particularly effective on hard or new generation ceramic surfaces but when paired with the right pad offers excellent versatility on any surface. #AUDACE has been designed to eliminate deep scratches, even sandpaper marks of up to 1000 grit.


    Incredibly, despite the high cutting capacity the product leaves a medium-polish refinish. #AUDACE is easy to remove even on tacky paints and doesn’t leave dust or residue. #AUDACE is free from paraffins or fillers, doesn’t tarnish trims, can be applied easily and confidently and leaves a medium-polish finish. When paired with our Super Finish Primer #FIERO the job can be compelted in just 2 steps.

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