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BENEFICIA - Touch free hydro sealant wet coat

BENEFICIA - Touch free hydro sealant wet coat


Touch free sealant

  • ► Self-activating enhancer for coating, based on polymer matrix, which kicks in upon spraying with water.

    ► It adheres to the surface for a long time and is resistant to acids, to alkaline and to solvents.

    ► It reduces drying times and seals without using cloths or applicators, removing the root cause of the risk of swirl formation.

     Its polymer matrix quickly and easily assures to the body high protection, brightness, smoothness and lotus effect, assuring amazing beading and sheeting, plus a high hydrophobic effect.

    ► Utmost ease of use and easy correction of detailer errors (thanks to our exclusive “I Forgive You” technology).

    ► Thoroughly researched, developed and tested by Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the most prestigious sports car makers worldwide.

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