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CUPIDO - Nano composit sealant

CUPIDO - Nano composit sealant


Nano composite sealant, generates a physical and chemical barrier

  • #CUPÌDO is a "composite nano sealant" with simultaneous physical coating and sealing properties, which hardens and forms a hard coating layer. 


    #CUPÌDO combines the brightness and depth of a carnauba wax with the protection of a nanosealer. #CUPÌDO has a simpler method of application than traditional sealants and can be applied over other sealants or nano waxes as maintenance.


    The polymer matrix generated by #CUPÌDO has a structure comparable to a flexible elastomer that has the ability to anchor and fix itself on the surface, protecting it from abrasions caused by mechanical action (eg: washing glove) and from chemical aggressions both acidic and alkaline.


    #CUPÌDO generates a physical and chemical barrier: this is why it offers greater protection against limescale and atmospheric agents than other sealants on the market. Its use is also recommended and recommended on super hydrophobic nano fluoropolymer protections which are usually prone to limescale stains.


    #CUPÌDO gives a deep gloss and excellent antistatic and self-cleaning capacity. The duration of #CUPÌDO can be extended from 5 months (if applied alone) to 9 months depending on the various combinations that the detailer wants to implement.


    It is essential for classic cars on which ceramic protections cannot be applied.


    #CUPÌDO is the result of research and development by Mafra laboratories and has been thoroughly tested in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.

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