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DERMA SEALANT - Leather protective sealant

DERMA SEALANT - Leather protective sealant


Leather protective sealant with nano bio coat

  • #DÈRMA SEALANT protects the leather by creating a chemical-physical barrier , maintaining its natural softness and breathability, its natural finish and its original look . Its innovative water-based formulation contains highly sought-after reactive polymers that adhere to the surface creating a coating invisible anti-rubbing.


    Its special properties drastically reduce wear and biological deterioration of the treated surfaces, avoiding aging premature and thus extending their duration over time. It also guarantees excellent protection against wear and the transfer of color for at least 15,000 km.


    #DÈRMA SEALANT contains two innovative and exclusive technologies: AQL technology – Active Quaternary Layer which creates a physical barrier against molds and bacterial spores and SFC – Self Fast Curing Technology this technology allows you to have a closure of the layer in a few hours. Furthermore, thanks to its powerful hydrophobic action (it creates a contact angle of 120 °), the treated surface will be more resistant to stains and will be protected from any color transfer due to the use of fabrics such as jeans. 


    #DÈRMA SEALANT leaves a pleasant scent of new leather on the surface. The numerous tests carried out in the laboratory have shown that #DÈRMA SEALANT is suitable for all types of leather, leaving a regular finish like new.

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