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FIERO - Super finish polish coating primer

FIERO - Super finish polish coating primer


Super refinishing primer with S.A.M technology optimal coating prep

  • #FIERO is an innovative and refined water-based primer without wax or silicones . It does not cover defects but eliminates leaving on the treated surface a pure and true finish with an extreme and deep gloss, creating the ideal condition for the application of nanoceramic coatings.


    Our primer was designed precisely to prepare the surface for the subsequent coating application phase thanks to the innovative SAM technology (Self Assembled Monolayer), guarantees a strong and lasting link between the surface and the applied coating  nanoceramic including the our sealant #CUPÌDO.


    Traditional primers that use resins and fillers to achieve an excellent finish take a long time to bond to the paint, usually 6 to 12 hours of waiting! With #FIERO all this does not happen because it allows the application of the chosen coating immediately after the finishing phase , thus saving the detailer a lot of time. #FIERO is a super sincere finish, it does not fear IPA and is compatible with all coatings that require UV lamps without any loss of Gloss .


    ► #FIERO in fact it does not contain resins or fillers (fillers) or waxes, its formula is composed of a careful selection of synthesized abrasives that adapt to the surface thanks to the innovative “ Adaptive Abrasive Technology “. This technology allows to obtain a always perfect and pure finish on both soft and hard paints.


    ► #FIERO allows you to shorten processing times on any type of paint and expresses its maximum finishing capabilities in the presence of sensitive surfaces such as reflow, soft and sticky. While, in the presence of hard or ceramic surfaces, it allows you to close the job in just 2 steps in combination with our compound #AUDACE . For these reasons #FIERO is the solution that detailers were looking for.

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