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HYDRA - Hyper dressing sealant

HYDRA - Hyper dressing sealant


Multifunctional hyper dressing for exterior and interior plastics

  • #HYDRA is a Hyper dressing multifunctional with a broad spectrum of use, specific for external plastics and interior of the car. Easy to spread and to apply, characterized by excellent coverage, it guarantees excellent resistance to chemical washout. Its polymeric matrix guarantees a duration of about 3 months on surfaces, protecting them from UV rays which we damage rubbers, plastics, vinyl and leather, reviving the color without greasing when washed.

    #HYDRA resists stains, effectively repelling water and dirt, ensuring very high protection and an excellent beading effect. It is water-based, does not contain solvents and respects surfaces: even at the end of its life cycle, it does not release residues and does not whiten the plastic parts. Researched, developed and tested in depth by the Mafra laboratories in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.

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