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PRIMUS 2.0 - Alkaline foam prewash

PRIMUS 2.0 - Alkaline foam prewash


 The first pre-wash in the detailing world to obtain VDA certification

  • Imagine an car cleaning product that has been acclaimed as the "world's first pre-wash to receive the prestigious VDA certification." This recognition was awarded by an independent German organization that certifies the safety and effectiveness of automotive chemicals on extremely delicate materials.


    Now, envision that this same product, called PRÌMUS, has been revolutionized and improved to offer even more extraordinary performance. This is PRÌMUS 2.0 by Labocosmetica, the new benchmark in the world of pre-washing for cars and motorcycles.


    With PRÌMUS 2.0, you enter a universe of innovation, power, and versatility, where the cleaning and preparation of your vehicle reach new heights of excellence. Learn more about how PRÌMUS 2.0 is changing the game in the automotive care industry.


    • VDA Certification: Assurance of Compatibility with Delicate Materials on Cars and Motorcycles


    • Safe Alkaline Power: Risk-free Effectiveness on All Surfaces


    • Part of the 3pH Washing Cycle: Guarantee of Exceptional Results and Comprehensive Protection


    • Powerful and Long-lasting Foam: Enhances Cleaning on Vertical Surfaces


    • Versatility: Various Dilutions for Different Needs


    • Preparation for Polishing: Removes Polish Residues for a Perfect Surface


    • Integrated Lubrication: Minimizes the Risk of Scratches


    • Savings and Efficiency: Exceptional Performance with Less Product, Saving Time and Money Doubled Drying Time to Allow for Stress-free Spray Application
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