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PURIFICA - Acid decontaminant shampoo

PURIFICA - Acid decontaminant shampoo


Purifica is the industry's pioneering acid shampoo , the first in the car detailing sector, and it is still extremely innovative even today

  • Purifica is the pioneering acidic shampoo in the industry, the first in the car detailing sector, and it remains highly innovative even today. Its primary function is to remove the thin film created by limescale residues that deposits on the car’s body. This slight formation of mineral contaminants can sometimes be invisible but is the main cause of loss of shine, as over time, it layers and makes the car appear duller. This effect is particularly noticeable on black cars.


    The improved formula of Purifica maintains the VDA safety certification, confirming our commitment to product quality and safety. Both in laboratory tests and in response to customer evaluations, Purifica has proven to excel in limescale removal, retaining its descaling properties even when significantly diluted.

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