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REVITAX - Wash and coat shampoo

REVITAX - Wash and coat shampoo


New generation “Wash & Coat” sealant shampoo. Washes, seals, protects.

  • ► Neutral shampoo of new generation “Wash & Coat” sealant shampoo that washes, seals, protects and prolongs the life of the coating previously applied.

    ► On cars not treated , it manages to give gloss and protection equal to nano sealants.

    ► Excellent detergency and good lubrication , adheres and protects in an exciting way, guaranteeing very high levels of beading and sheeting for up to 4 months.

    ► Composed of a mixture of solubilized siloxanes which anchor to the bodywork offering protection, silkiness and resistance , with excellent foaming and lubrication During washing.

    ► Despite being a product neutral , it has an excellent cleaning power: it dissolves and softens dirt.

    ► Does not interfere on protective nano protection applied to glass and does not leave halos or streaks.

    ► Maximum ease of use and easy correction of errors by the detailer (thanks to our exclusive “I Forgive You” technology ).

    ► Researched, developed and thoroughly tested by the Mafra laboratories in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.

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