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SATINO - Shampoo and wax for matte paint & wrap

SATINO - Shampoo and wax for matte paint & wrap


Shampoo with high detergent power, ideal for matt or wrapped paints

  • ► Shampoo with high detergent power , ideal for matt or wrapped paints.

    ► Leave on the bodywork an effective protection against UV rays lasting at least 2 weeks .

    ► Self-drying product, clearly facilitates the subsequent drying phase.

    ► Characterized by high lubricating power , it is totally safe on applied waxes .

    ► Leaves i naltered the silkiness of the bodywork while fully respecting the matte finish.

    ► Thanks to its ease of rinsing , it prevents the formation of streaks and halos during drying.

    ► The presence of sequestrants , whose purpose is to remove from the water the calcium and magnesium particles that interfere on the yield of the product, leaving the surfactants free to work at their best, making it indispensable even on normal paints in the presence of hard water, for normal maintenance washing.

    ► Researched, developed and tested in depth by Mafra laboratories in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.

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