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SEMPER - Neutral maintenance shampoo

SEMPER - Neutral maintenance shampoo


Neutral maintenance shampoo , super concentrated and strongly lubricated

  • ► Neutral maintenance shampoo , super concentrated and strongly lubricated.

    ► Characterized by an excellent cleansing power and a pleasant fragrance.

    ► Totally safe on the nano coating and on the sealant treatments previously applied.

    ► Usable without removing the underlying layers of wax, even the most delicate ones, such as those based on carnauba.

    ► Easily rinsed using the lance (“Easy To Rinse” effect).

    ► Free of waxes or light enhancers , does not create streaks and can also be used on glass.


    ► Its foam dissolves , incorporates and holds the dirt in suspension on the surface of the car, removing it safely but gently.

    ► Researched, developed and thoroughly tested by Mafra laboratories in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.

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