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STC + HPC - Ceramic Coating Kit

STC + HPC - Ceramic Coating Kit



  • STC is a 70% physical and 30% chemical coating. It is a COMPLETE SEALANT PROTECTIVE ceramic treatment that ensures long-lasting protection by offering high resistance to scratches, contaminants such as road salt, tar, acid rain, air pollution and UV rays. Thanks to its properties , it makes the surface treated easily washable and gives the bodywork a vivid color, a gloss deep and three-dimensional.


    HPC opens the way to a new category of coatings dedicated to overcoat. Thanks to its nano technology hydro-gel system it creates a membrane hydrophobic with a matrix polymeric consisting of “building blocks ” which reticulate and anchor directly on the surface at room temperature generating a very resistant and elastic layer.


    HPC is resistant to aggressions both chemical and saline and to UV rays which cause corrosion and non-removable stains, also has antifouling properties. Its distinctive feature is its antistatic and dirt-repellent capacity that allows you to keep the car clean for longer.


    PROTECTION STC+ HPC 6 years | 90.000 Km(with maintenance program)


    Safety: it is PFAS free and complies with the content of volatile organic components (VOCs) according to Directive 2004/42/EC and the method of analysis in accordance with UNI EN ISO 11890-1:2008.

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