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VERITAS - Cleaner for oil, wax and fresh coating residues

VERITAS - Cleaner for oil, wax and fresh coating residues


Swirls highlighter, essential before applying the coating or sealant

  • #VÈRITAS is a swirls highlighter, essential before applying the coating or sealant, which cleans and can also be used in a innovative, as a check control of the life of the coating during the washing phase: in fact many shampoos leave micro-residues of surfactants that do not allow the coating to express itself at its best and which could thus make the detailer wrong who could mistakenly think that the coating has vanished. Thanks to #VÈRITAS this problem is totally avoided. 


    #VÈRITAS can also be used as a lifeline during the application of a protective nano: in the event that some residue should be left, or the treated surface is particularly sensitive to the passage of the nano, #VÈRITAS it will eliminate all traces of product in a simple way and will allow you to repeat the operations. 


    #VÈRITAS has been thoroughly researched, developed and tested in Mafra laboratories in collaboration with the best international detailing centers.

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