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CORRECTOR 3.0 - Heavy Cut Compound

CORRECTOR 3.0 - Heavy Cut Compound


Introducing the enhanced version 3.0 of our Polish Compound Corrector – your ultimate solution for eliminating severe paint defects!

  • Elevate your polishing experience with a 20% increase in cutting capacity. Save time with reduced machining times when using orbital techniques.


    The unmatched qualities that have solidified its reputation in the realm of body shops and car detailing remain intact:


    ✔ Compatible with both random orbital and rotary machines.

    ✔ Exceptional correction capabilities with a sharp cut.

    ✔ Effectively erases sanding marks up to P1500 and scratches.

    ✔ Incorporates low-dust technology and is perfect for VTR.

    ✔ Versatile compound without silicones and fillers, water-based for convenience.

    ✔ Swift and effortless removal process.

    ✔ Delivers an excellent finish with a high shine.

    ✔ Suitable for use with wool, foam, and microfiber pads.

    ✔ Adaptable to both hard and soft surfaces.


    Upgrade your detailing game with the new and improved Polish Compound Corrector 3.0 – setting the standard for flawless paint correction!

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