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Gentle cleaner special formula


  • Alcantara® is a non-woven fabric composed of 68% coagulated polyester microfiber and the remaining 32% with polyurethane, this makes the product durable and resistant.


    Alcantara is an extremely resistant but also soft material, suitable for multiple uses.


    The main sectors of use are the automotive industry, furniture, pleasure boating, clothing and fashion.


    In cars it is often used to cover interior details of our cars such as seats, steering wheel, dashboard and we often find it combined with other materials such as leather, fabric or metal or carbon fiber inserts.


    It therefore requires thorough cleaning, both ordinary, maintenance and extraordinary, to solve problems related to specific stains or halos.


    Another feature of the material is its softness to the touch, which ensures, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, great resistance and greater grip: this is why it is often used on steering wheels and racing components.


    Alcantara® Cleaner is safe on all these materials, making the cleaning operation fast and effective even on mixed dirt, such as dust that incorporates organic residues: a complex mix that is very difficult to eliminate with the classic detergents on the market.


    The product is VOC Free and also has a fresh, clean scent with an effective anti-odor action that makes it ideal for cleaning the entire passenger compartment.

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