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Degreaser for glass and windshields


  • Cleaning the windows and glass surfaces is essential not only as the last finishing step of the perfect washing cycle but also to improve visibility and safety while driving.


    One of the biggest problems is the removal of the deter-gent which often leaves marks or deposits on the surface, meaning we have to take several steps to achieve the desired result.


    Glass Cleaner & Degreaser is fast and easy to use: it acts in depth by removing all types of dirt, even greasy ones, such as fingerprints, from all types of crystals, even darkened ones or digital screens.


    Used internally, it also manages to eliminate oily substances and glycerol contained in the vapor generated by electronic cigarettes – the so-called dirty swap. It gives the treated surface an oleophobic effect which reduces the formation of fingerprints on the treated surfaces.


    Used on the vehicle exterior it removes all kinds of dirt, even oily marks or lime scale, but is inert on the protective agents applied previously, ensuring that they are preserved.


    Thanks to Zero Streaks Technology, it dries quickly without ever leaving stains or streaks.


    Furthermore, it contains no ammonia or methanol, and is inert on any material with which it comes into contact, even the most delicate such as Alcantara®, leather, soft touch or screens with anti-reflective protection (internal) and chrome moulding on the vehicle exterior.


    Lastly, its pleasant scent refreshes the interior.

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