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Removes all ferrous contamination from rims, bodywork and glass


  • There are different types of contamination, in general, we can define them as everything that we cannot remove with a normal detergent. At first glance, contaminants are often not visible. They are however present on the rims, bodywork and even on the windows of the vehicle.


    How can we recognize them?
    On RIMS, ferrous contamination is easily identifiable: for example, after cleaning with a specific product, if dirt and black or dark brown dots remain between the spokes and on the rim channel, this is to be considered contamination.


    On the BODYWORK, if the contamination is deep, the color of the car will appear dull and in the case of white cars, even after washing, you will continue to notice small dark brown dots.


    If, on the other hand, after washing your car you seem not to see any dark spots, the contamination is not visible, but I invite you to give it a try: get some common disposable gloves, those used by the gas station or to do the shopping: wear them and gently “caress” the bodywork: you can easily perceive the rough surface to the touch: it is contamination!


    Maniac Line ™ Iron Remover removes iron oxide contamination, such as stubbornly embedded brake dust and ferrous particles created by friction on railway or tram tracks and by industrial and roadside or construction site pollution.


    Our advice is to use Iron Remover when the bodywork is dull or rough to the touch and when there are still dots or dark spots on the rims after washing.


    For a better job, a brush or a brush will be useful, depending on the surface to be treated.


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