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Bi-use foaming nebulizer (2L total capacity)

  • If you want to pre-wash your car or motorcycle with foam but you don’t have a professional pressure washer available or you can’t get dense foam from your foam gun, Nebula Foam 2.0 is the right accessory for you!


    Nebula Foam 2.0 is a manual pump that allows you to create a dense and adherent foam to carry out a correct pre-wash and wash of cars and motorcycles without the use of a Foam Gun. The product has been studied and designed for use with detergents with surfactant properties. In just a few steps you will perform a complete high-performance foaming pre-wash!


    Nebula Foam 2.0 is a dual-use foam nebulizer, this allows you to use the product in two different modes, you can choose between “manual charge” and “automatic compressed air charge”
    Nebula Foam 2.0 is equipped with a connection for compressed air, an inlet valve located in the pump head that allows the insertion of air into the 2-liter bottle.


    Thanks to the universal schrader valve, also used in vehicle tires, it will be possible to pressurize the Nebula Foam 2.0 quickly and easily, thus saving time and effort. To automatically charge with compressed air, you can use any type of electric compressor, battery operated, or that can be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter such as the compressors supplied with some cars.


    Why is it important to perform an effective pre-wash on the car?
    90% of the scratches found on the bodywork are caused by an incorrect washing technique. Therefore, before proceeding to a car wash with shampoo and microfibre glove or sponge it is necessary to carry out a correct pre-wash.


    With Nebula Foam 2.0 it is possible, without the aid of a Foam Gun, to spray the specific product for the foaming pre-wash on the vehicle you want to clean Thanks to the compact foam created by Nebula Foam 2.0, the contact time between the chemical product and the surface to be treated increases, in this way, the emollient capacity of the product will be able to act for a longer period of time on the surface, softening the dirt and making it removable later with the rinsing phase ensuring a safe pre-wash.


    Product Specs:

    – Useful capacity 1.25L
    – Total tank capacity 2L
    – Maximum pressure loading capacity – 3 bar
    – Relief valve that can be depressurized
    – Protective base against accidental impacts which also guarantees greater stability
    – 2 colored caps (Blue and Yellow) to identify the product contained in the tank
    – Safety lock on the handle to avoid accidental nebulisations
    – Semi-transparent tank with level indicator
    – Three nozzles for the creation of three types of foam
    – Wide opening for quick tank filling
    – Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and maintenance, without the use of tools
    – Innovative and ergonomic design


    Nebula Foam 2.0 is equipped with three nozzles that allow you to produce three types of foam: wet, intermediate and dry.


    Which nozzle to choose?

    – Green nozzle: provides a dry foam, suitable when you do not want to wet the surface to be cleaned.
    – Gray nozzle: provides an intermediate foam for all kinds of jobs, fitted as standard on the Nebula Foam 2.0.
    – Orange nozzle: provides moist foam and greater coverage, suitable when you want to cover a large surface.

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