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Waterless Washing 3in1 Dry Cleaner: Cleans, Polishes And Protects


  • Waterless, from the Maniac line, is a revolutionary waterless cleaner that also offers an extraordinary shine, and has been specially formulated to be compatible with nanotechnology coatings. This product features a unique innovation: it can be used safely even in direct sunlight or high temperatures, without leaving halos, streaks or stains due to evaporation.


    Revolutionize the way you clean your car with Waterless from Maniac Line! Its innovative formula, enriched with synthetic polymers and an eco-friendly lubricant, allows you to achieve an extraordinary shine on chrome bodies and surfaces. Waterless stands out for its ease of application, leaving no haloes or residue, making buffing with a clean cloth unnecessary. You won't have to worry about overspray, as any excess product can be easily removed with a simple microfiber cloth. Waterless also leaves a self-cleaning protective layer on the bodywork, which limits the adherence of dust and dirt, keeping your vehicle clean for longer. Not just for cars, it is ideal for cleaning every surface from motorcycles to airplanes.

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